Crawler Drills

the crawler drills have a high output compressor and dust collector which results in faster drilling and decreased bit wear. The upgraded dust collector has a suction capacity higher than previous models. These feature are just a few of the many economic and performance functions.

Drilling Rigs

The T685EX is the drilling contractor’s rig of choice for reverse circulation mineral exploration applications where big air is required in a highly mobile, heavy duty package. A sliding angle mast and a variety of RC accessories......

Hydraulic Breakers

A mid-range hammer designed for use on mini excavators, excavators and boom systems. The drivers are all impressed by the performance of the device. Standard integrated piston stroke adjustment prolongs or shortens the stroke and allows to customize the impact energy to the material to break. The mono-block design reduces components, wear and maintenance.


When drilling holes in rock, the holes often turn away from the desired direction, and in long holes the deviation may even be several metres. Hole deviation results in inefficient operations on a site and in the worst case may create hazards. The new system measures the actual straightness of drill holes immediately, so the information can be utilised in optimizing and charging a rock face.

Drill Pipes

In a drilling operation you need more than drill pipes to obtain a complete drill string, from the drilling rig to the drill bit. The construction of a drill string varies depending on the drilling method used, requirements on hole quality and the ground conditions........


It presents a compact appearance, it is packed with the most technologically advance components available – high resolution receiver, a powerful transmitter and a 64 channel electrode selector – and built for the most demanding conditions in the field.


FRD boasts a long tradition of dedication to high quality, long-life and ultra-reliable products.FRD’s hydraulic drilling and demolition equipment, primarily breakers, crawler drills and attachments are .....

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Schramm, Inc. is a century-old Chester County, Pennsylvania manufacturer and global supplier to the hydraulic drill industry, focusing on land based applications. Specializing in mobile, top-head....

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Robit Plc is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality button bits for rock drilling and casing systems for ground drilling. We are the only manufacturer and leading supplier in our field in Finland....

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ABEM’s technologies for the geophysical near surface market are used for surveys to evaluate soil conditions, detecting and mapping groundwater, mineral exploration, infrastructure site investigations...

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