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Mantech Mining Services Limited Is A Ghanaian Owned Sales And Service Firm, Active In Ghana And West Africa In The Mineral Exploration And Extraction Industry

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The Japanese high technology concern Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD) has its roots in the development of mining equipment. It is a part of the multinational Furukawa Company Group whose principal activities are the manufacture and sale of engineering machinery, electronic materials and chemicals. The key concepts upon which the company has built its name are Innovation, Creativity and Harmony.



The Mudlogic Group is an independent and privately owned specialty drilling fluid supplier. We have a focus on the Australian and South East Asian region with strategically located offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore. Our mud systems, combined with our on-site technical support, wealth of experience and our commercially competitive pricing, will reduce your overall cost of operation.


The company has its roots back to 1945 when a small plant was founded in Ockelbo, Sweden. One year later the company started with production of Integral drill Steel - which still is one of our high-volume products. Today Monark operates as a family owned company with production in both Sweden and Norway. We serve the global market with high quality Scandinavian made Rock Drilling tools.



A range of rugged and reliable support units are available in various configurations to suit any requirement. With decades of hands on site experience and a dynamic engineering department, EDM can provide customised solutions for any project.


SREPS was founded in 2017 by our managing director, Andrew Gilbert who has been designing and manufacturing drill rigs, hammers and bits since 1992. Our team has accumulated 40+ years experience in drilling, designing and manufacturing in the mining industry, which gives us the experience and reliability you need. We supply innovative + drilling solutions for the drilling industry which is reinforced by our commitment to product and customer service. SREPS live and breathe drilling. Specialising in customised design and manufacturing of reliable and driller friendly drill rigs, hammers and bits around the globe. We also provide servicing to any drill rig or hammer as required. SREPS stands behind every product we make and aim to provide unrivaled customer service and support 24/7 to all our clients around the globe. We believe the customer must be at the center of everything we do, serving with commitment, intent, and innovation.



We aim to give our customers peace of mind with comprehensive drilling solutions that are the fruit of 30 years of continuous improvement. Our expertise and our dedication to building relationships of trust can be found in each of our 4 offices and 15 distributors across more than 30 countries. That makes us a valuable partner for your exploration and geotechnical projects. All of our actions and decisions are founded on stronger & stronger values.

Welcome to Mantech Mining Services

At Mantech Mining Services Limited, we're passionate about the future of mineral exploration and extraction in Ghana and West Africa. As a proudly Ghanaian-owned sales and service firm, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the heart of the mining industry.

Our Expertise
With a team of industry professionals and a deep understanding of the region's geological landscape, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support your mining operations. From cutting-edge equipment sales to reliable maintenance and repair services, we're here to help you navigate the evolving world of mining.

our Commitment
Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide top-tier sales and service solutions to the mineral exploration and extraction sector. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in this dynamic industry, and we're dedicated to delivering tailored, innovative, and sustainable solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.


After Sale Service

Mantech Mining Services Limited is more than a service provider; we're your partners in progress. Our vision is to be at the forefront of responsible mining practices, contributing to the sustainable growth of Ghana and West Africa's mineral resources sector. 

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